What we do:

We believe all cats deserve a loving home, healthy food and safe shelter. It is our belief that feral and homeless cats are no less deserving of a safe and healthy life than our companion animals. We work to TNR (trap/neuter/release), feed, provide veterinary care, rehabilitate, and provide a permanent safe space for feral and community cats in underserved areas of New Mexico. We also help vulnerable cats such as kittens, the elderly and those with illnesses or special needs.

New Mexico has more owner surrenders than any other state in the US. Even worse, many more animals are abandoned completely, dumped at the edges of cities or towns, in the deserts and mountains. Cultural attitudes and lack of education about spay/neuter as well as the basic needs of animals has created a crisis of overpopulation and suffering and a large population of feral and semi feral animals.
These animals suffer immensely. Malnutrition, exposure to the elements, parasites, continuous breeding, predators and human cruelty wreak havoc on their world.

We are a 100% volunteer mission to alleviate the suffering of felines in our communities.

What you can do to help:

Share us on your socials and with friends and family. If you have room, consider taking a cat or kitten (or two!) into your home. If you have the means, please assist us financially.